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The Sex in The Library Challenge

For people who love books and reading, there’s just something sexy about bookstores and libraries.

When talented erotica writer and blogger Remittance Girl recently issued a challenge to write a story about an erotic library or bookstore experience for a mini-site she was putting together, I had to participate. 

Check out my story The Way of a Man With a Maid here (and don’t forget to leave comments) - The Sex in The Library Erotica Collection *Note - sadly, this collection has been removed, but you can still read the story in my short-story collection Amaranthine Rain. GET IT HERE


  1. I very much enjoyed your piece as always.


  2. Hey Charlotte,

    Thanks for following me around the net, and for leaving comments here and there. I really appreciate you reading with me...


  3. I LOVE this one! So romantic and TRUE the way sometimes people think things but can't imagine anyone else would understand. Thanks for posting the link too. Good stuff.


  4. Z,

    Your story was the BEST! Just sayin' :>)

    love and huggles,


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