Surfacing With Updates and a Call For Submissions

I'm not one of those writer/bloggers who posts about my life, my political opinions, my day job, my romances, or illnesses, or crazy relatives.  Why? Because when I started this website, I wanted nothing more than a place to put some work online, available for anyone to read for free. So that's what I've been doing.  It's good being the boss.

I've had positive feedback on the site and plan to someday open the doors to others, putting their work here in an effort to promote quality erotica and those who write it.  In fact, if you have a story you would like me to consider, please send it along.  My only guideline is that your work is literate and have a plot more complex than "some people meet and get it on". Everyone who submits something will get a reply.  Email me at zandervyne (at)

I figure some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much as usual lately, and so I find myself writing my first "what's up with Zander" post. It feels weird, but here goes.

I've gone back to work and am finding it really hampers my blogging time.  I used to consult and write full-time, but consulting has slowed, and I still need to eat.

What does this mean for my writing? Only that it now takes me a bit longer to get things from my brain to the website. I am working on Part Nine of Oliver Ripley and hope to have it finished soon (it's HOT . . . almost all sex and D/s play and intrigue. Shit is totally about to hit the fan for Miranda and Oliver too). I still have a Saint de Sade's story on the back burner, and I am hard at work editing my novel. And I just sold a short story to Cleis Press for an upcoming anthology. So I am busy, just not busy here.  I've also been a bad blog reader but hope to be back at it again soon.  I miss all my regular haunts.

I hope you find plenty to occupy you in my archives, and that you bear with me through this slight slowdown.

And that's that.  Weird how writing like this is so painful and writing fiction is a fun walk in the park. Now I really admire those bloggers who write about nothing but themselves all the time.


  1. Excuse me, Zander. You're editing a novel? And you sold a story for an anthology? And you think you have to apologize for not writing for your BLOG?!

    Boy, I wish I had such good excuses. I write about myself to make up for not writing stories. I write poems to make up for only writing about myself - and for not having a hot enough sex life. It sounds better than it is in poetry :-)

    But it's true. Working does get in the way of writing...

    How soon till the NEA starts giving writing grants to pornographers?

  2. Hey Ms oatmeal,

    I guess I just want it all, but your point is well taken - I certainly have little to complain about.

    You are an amazing writer. You have a gift for the kind of writing you do that I wish I had. Don't sell your talents short. People love talking with you and you make them feel like they know you through your writing. I just tell stories.

    Fuck the pornographers. I'd just be thrilled if the NEA didn't take on the job of labeling works of art/literature and instead just started passing out the cash to those who demonstrate need and talent.

    I do hope you send me one of your poems or stories for the website.

    Thanks for sticking with me...

  3. What AWESOME news (about the story and the book...not your not being here...I miss you!) Congrats!

  4. Thanks, eve! I seldom submit my short stories anywhere these days, so this was especially nice because the editor found me.

    I miss you too, and hope to be around more regularly soon.

  5. Zander,

    I think it is so admirable to open up your website so others can have a chance to publish something. My poetry is not suited for your site, but I hope you get a lot of replies. Anything you like, I will love.

    og is sound busy enough. Don't worry over us. We'll be here when you get back :/)


  6. Hey Zander!

    I miss you on the list! Congrats on the Cleis Press story? Which anthology? We might just be snuggling together between the sheets of a book!



  7. Hey RG,

    I miss the discipline of the list, and people like you. I've referred a couple of fledgling writers over there for "erotica boot-camp" and may drop back in when I have more time.

    I'd love to snuggle between the sheets with you anywhere, and will send you an email about the anthology. The editor hasn't announced authors yet, so I can't say more here.

    Hugs right back to you and thanks for checking in.


  8. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks so much for the reassurance and support!

    I'd love to read your stuff, whether it's suited for here or not. Send it along. Share.



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