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Vampirique Dezire of Blood, Lust and Erotica gives Red Velvet and Absinthe 4 stars!

Here's what she had to say about my story, La Belle Mort What an outstanding story. Was not prepared for the twist at the end and I found I could not take my eyes off the page. The pace of the story was well set. It was as if the author was purposely writing the words in the same vein as one would make love, slowly at first then with increasing passion until the final destination is reached and released. Well worth the read!


  1. It was a wonderful story, I really really loved it and was quite taken by the ending. xx

  2. Wow.

    What an extraordinary review.
    Which you certainly deserve.



  3. Tahira,

    Thanks for finding me here, and for the thoughtful comment. Your story was a highlight for me in the book, and I was truly honored to be in your company.

    Best of luck with future projects!


  4. Thanks, Mz. girl!

    It's been exciting reading the wonderful reviews for this very special book. Sharing them with people like you makes the pleasure that much greater.


  5. I was so touched to read the comment you left on my site, I don't know if the comment reply got to you, but I just wanted to double up on the thanks :) xx Looking forward to reading more of your work too!


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