“Red Velvet and Absinthe” Book Review

It's always nice to read reviews of my stories.  It's even better when the author knows the genre, publishers and editors as well as this one does, and offers an insightful opinion.

It doesn't hurt either when my story is one of their favorites!

Read the latest rave review of this book here -
“Red Velvet and Absinthe” Erotic Book Review



  1. I read the first story last night and was completely blown away. It got to me on many different levels, including the quality of writing (mediocre writing will leave me sneering) and how it related to my own relationship.

    I no longer buy many books of erotica, due both to money issues and a string of disappointments. But this one was worth every penny and more.

    (And yes, I do intend to write a full review over at my place once I've read to the end of the book.)


  2. og~

    Snowlight, Moonlight was one of my favorites too. I also loved Cover Him With Darkness.

    I buy most of my erotica from secondhand book stores, for the same reason. Nothing like paying retail only to discover a book full of crappy porn only packaged as erotica.

    I don't know how it is where you are, but in the Midwest it is not always easy to find erotica (used or new). I love traveling to more enlightened areas of the country. The best yet was Portland, OR. I found a bookstore with an entire aisle of nothing but used erotica (including some first editions). Bliss!


  3. hi z, my other me [on fb] is tony hunt ;)

    love your genre :D


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