Coffee Time Romance Gives Red Velvet and Absinthe Four Cups!

Here's what they say about my story - La Belle Mort -

Her honor means more than her life and for this Lady Eliza Morton will hang.

He cannot bear to see her suffer, but can he convince her to believe?

How he came to be in her cell, Eliza does not know, but every moment in his presence is a blessing and a curse. She has no future, but she wants more than anything to believe.

The sadness of Eliza’s situation is crushing and the hope for her rescue is all encompassing.


  1. "did that frantic man, about to die, smell the deaths that had come before his, lingering in the cloth?"

    Damn, but you are a brilliant writer. I loved this story.

  2. That was my favorite line, Mz. Girl :>)

    Thanks for stopping by, and giving me love. Right back at you.



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