Romancing the Book Red Velvet Review

Here's yet another great review for Red Velvet and Absinthe from Romancing the Book, highlighting my story, La Belle Mort -

"The two stories that just completely rocked my world were: The Blood Moon Kiss and La Belle Mort. The Blood Moon Kiss finds us on the set of a popular “Vampire” show. The amount of heat that oozed off the pages of this story should have melted my Nook, I’m so glad it didn’t. However, La Belle Mort, a story that finds us in a cell with a young lady awaiting punishment (hanging) for something she didn’t do . . well, this story was one that I had to set my Nook down after reading. I needed a moment to just let the story sink in.

Favorite Quote: “In fear can be found pleasure, just as in darkness can be found light.” from La Belle Mort

Jane Austen Prequels and Sequels also wrote a lovely review.

Reading these reviews was a lovely way to start my week!

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