IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter #1

I am so excited to have the rights to this novella back, and to try self-publishing for the first time. Oliver Ripley originally appeared on my blog as a serialized novella. I challenged myself to publish each chapter as I wrote it (no editing, no plotting ahead, two chapters per week). The reader response was astounding, and that kept me going despite writing myself into corners I had to claw my way out of, and hitting that mid-novel slump where none of it seemed to be coming together. In the end, Oliver became my first published novella. I am feverishly working on a sequel, and hope to have both available soon wherever books are sold.

Betrayed by his family, vampire slayer Oliver Ripley finds himself on the run with his sworn enemy, fledgling vampire Miranda Vladula, who claims to hold the key to secrets that could free them both.

Miranda thinks she will do anything to lure a Ripley into her trap, but Oliver does not turn out to be the cold-hearted killer she expects.

Discovering their fates intertwined, Oliver and Miranda fight enemies they did not see coming when they uncover a plot that could destroy them and everyone they love.  Forced to face a horrific truth that challenges everything they have ever believed, with no one to trust but each other, they must fight their growing attraction even as they battle for their lives.

As their world crumbles around them, Oliver and Miranda find danger, secrets, and temptations wherever they turn.  Burning with passion too hot to ignore, not even the threat of death can tear them apart.

Does Oliver have the strength to fight a legion of angry vampires? Can he resist his hunger for Miranda, knowing to succumb to passion could kill them both?

Vacancy (a stand-alone story)

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