IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter . . . Early Release (Yikes!)

So, I accidentally published IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, Book One a month early. Hear that sound? That's the noise my head makes when it's bashed against my desk.

See, I had a marketing plan and spreadsheets, and all sorts of reasons why I needed to wait to publish my first self-published effort until October. I've been published many times before, and I wanted my solo outing to be handled at least as professionally as my publishing house releases. In short, I wanted everything to be perfect. But as I sat there, freaking out, I realized a few things:

1. The book is good (it really is). It's edited, and pretty and sexy and I love my characters and I know you will too if you're into vampires, thrillers and sexy romances.

2. All of my grand plans aren't going to convince anyone of the above, only reading the book will.

3. I was scared, and the spreadsheets, plans, calendars and tasks were all a handy way to stop myself from taking this leap and putting my work out into the world all by myself.

4. I'm braver than I think I am, and I am my own worst critic.

So, instead of hitting the unpublish button as fast as I could, I left the book right where it is . . . for sale. It's part of the KDP Select program, and those amazing people at AMAZON already have a nice, long preview available. Check it out - CLICK HERE

Just do me a favor, if you read it and like it, let me know that my leap wasn't into the scary abyss of writer's hell, but rather into a world where readers will like my stuff even if it doesn't come wrapped in a pretty, planned-out-within-an-inch-of-its-life bow.


  1. I read the book Immoral and it was awesome! This is the first book of yours I have ever read and I am so very glad I did I loved your writing the characters seem like you could just meet them on the street. Thanks and keep on writing I am going to read your other books so I am going to be looking for some new ones!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Debra and for letting me know you loved Immoral! I'm so happy to know readers are out there loving my characters as much as I do. I'll have new things out soon, and I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride. ~hugs~ You've made my day.


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