The Art of Designing Cover Art and Promo Art

I'm working on new projects (yay!), but having a difficult time finding a cover artist to do my chick-lit cover. I've searched, and searched, and I'm finding a strange thing linking the artists whose work I like - they are all rather snitty and unfriendly (boo!). Perhaps it's just been an off week for everybody, or they don't realize how much they turn people off, or maybe that's part of their "I'm so good, I can be a bitch" sales tactic. Whatever. It's only putting me in a bad mood. So, the search continues. Someday, I will find someone who is talented and pleasant. Wish me luck and please send recommendations my way.

In the meantime, I've been working with images to create my own banners. I love, love, love playing with art and could easily do it for hours. But, like most of you, I don't have hours to spare fiddling around making banners and promo materials. I'm saving my pennies to splurge on a perfect cover for my next novel, so I sourced art from free places online and do all my own promo pieces. These tools have saved me hours of labor:
  • - I love this tool for resizing, cropping, layering and lettering. I did this simple banner in under five minutes using the basic tools: 
  • - I used this tool to add color and depth to this simple banner (this took a bit longer, as the lettering had to be fiddled with so it popped, his hair had to be darker, and her lips redder). All in all, I probably spent 30 minutes making this:


  1. Your comment about "artists" being snitty and hard to get along with is right on. But...there ARE talented, good people out there who don't give a damn about $.

  2. I'm an artist, so I get it. But I'm also a business person, and find that nice goes a long way in any situation. I have no problem paying for it too much to ask that my cover artist be pleasant to deal with?


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