Book Reviewer's Cheat Sheet

Many readers tell me they'd love to review more books, but since they are not writers, the whole idea makes them nervous. Reviews mean so much to writers, and so few real readers leave them.

Feedback keeps us going and gives us direction. Reviews allow our work to be seen in places like Amazon and BookBub (which is why so many writers resort to paying for reviews).

Here's a brilliant cheat sheet someone came up with to help if you are one of those real readers who'd like to write more reviews but just doesn't know what to say:

Book review template


  1. I am not a writer but am an avid reader and supporter of writers around the world. This form is a handy tool for organizing a quick review of the books I read. Thank you!

  2. I'm glad it helped! Reviews are truly the lifeblood of every writer. If you love to read, learn to love to review.


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