My First Time

When Kay Jaybee (winner of the "Best Erotic Book Brand" and "Best Erotica Writer" awards pretty much every year) asks you to participate in her erotica-author interview series, you say,"YES!" 

Then, the questions arrive and (if you are like me) you ask, "Do I really want to admit some of this truth about what writing erotica has been like for me?" Then, you do it, because what's the point of writing edgy subjects if we can't be honest about it?

Zander Vyne Interview by Kay Jaybee

Kay is not only a first-class author, but she is a true supporter of other authors. Her interview series is one I have long enjoyed, and I was honored to participate despite my initial, introverted reaction. The questions she asked brought me to places I had long buried, and I am grateful to her for dredging them up so I could look at them once more and make peace.
When you're finished, poke around a bit. I've discovered many fabulous new writers through her interview series. And, of course, Kay's books kick ass.
My favorite is The Best of Kay Jaybee, because it's filled with short fiction (what I love best), and when it comes to erotica, the more the merrier, right?
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  1. I just finished reading your interview with Kay and wanted to leave a short comment in support of your efforts. I've been a fan of your writing for many years now and appreciate your candor in expressing yourself and helping distinguish the differences between literary erotica, good writing and storytelling, and basic porn. A well-written story that captivates the reader is the foundation of every good book. If it happens to turn you on at times, I consider that a bonus. As you point out, narrow-minded critics are limited in their view and live their lives in a tidy little box. Your work has always been much more focused on the story than it is on sex and you prove to be much more of a literary author with chops and a creative imagination. Hopefully, you will gain more and more respect and attention for your efforts as time goes along as it is well deserved. Keep up the great work, I'll be looking forward to your ongoing efforts.

    1. Thank you SO much! Writing is often a lonely thing and readers so seldom offer feedback. Comments like yours encourage me to keep going.


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