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"Tales of a Vampire Hunter" Omnibus Edition - Coming Friday!

Tales of a Vampire Hunter - e-Book Out July 29th

Finally! The e-Book version of Tales of a Vampire Hunter is coming out July 29th.

Tales of a Vampire Hunter has been a labor of love spanning one short story and three novellas (and countless rewrites). As a thank you to the fans who urged me on and turned me into a best-selling author, I let them pick this hot new cover.

M.L. Doyle Review

M.L. Doyle highlights Tales of a Vampire Hunter here, in her provocative blog post about genres and books we "refuse to read" based on preconceived notions. I love a good vampire or zombie novel that breaks with convention and tells a good story (and I am not ashamed to admit it). My sales tell me that many of you agree.

M.L. writes in several genres. I love her work, but if she doesn't have anything new, I can count on her to highlight someone else with a new release I will love. Her new release, Hidden Designs, based in the Lei Crime Kindle World, features FBI Special Agent, Ken Yamada and Army Major, Chuck Mathews, two men who (in the past) were forced to make a choice between career and love. Now, ten-years later, they don’t have to choose one over the other because they don’t have to hide anymore. I can't wait to read it!

I Love Vampire Novels

I Love Vampire Novels is featuring Tales of a Vampire Hunter on their website and in their newsletter on release day (sweet!), and several reviews are in the works from authors and fans of the genre that refuses to die (pun totally intended ;>)

To celebrate, I'll be scheduling giveaways and other fun stuff in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

If you haven't already preordered your copy, get it today (FREE for Kindleunlimited or for a special release price of only $2.99 for a limited time).

BUY NOW ON AMAZON (universal Amazon link)

Gifts, all Year

One of the best things about being a writer is sharing the love of books with others. This year, I'm thankful to every friend who helped me plot, every beta reader who found a typo or mistake (silver for vampires, anyone?) or spent their valuable book time reading or reviewing something I wrote. I am especially grateful to the Facebook beta-readers and writers group "The Slush Pile" for hooking me up with so many readers eager to offer their thoughts on early drafts of my work.

And I'm grateful to be included in ML Doyle's list of her favorite beta reads this year. She's a talented writer, and a bit of a badass in real life, so her female characters are always strong, smart, and sexy. She's my go-to reviewer, and I was so excited she included me along with DL Molles (who just landed a major publishing deal). I ate up his zombie series, and I can't wait to read his new book, Wolves.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone, and thanks for sharing your love of books all year long!

C.M. Brown's Review of IMMORAL

After attacks by a weird, crazy writer, and a bunch of religious trolls, it was so nice to see this review of IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter by fantasy author C.M. Brown:

Oliver Ripley is a Vampire Hunter and so are the rest of his family, but to kill vampires these hunters don't use stakes, garlic or holy water, No, they kill vampires during a good old romp in the hay, where their soul does battle with the vamp's.

When Oliver meets Miranda, he feels drawn to her, as if he was meant to be with her, the only thing is she is a vampire, born into the ruling house of Vladulas.

He knows he can't have a normal relationship with Miranda without killing her, but still he can't stop himself from seeing with her.

This very unusual storyline in Immoral Tales of a Vampire Hunter, by Zander Vyne is quite engaging and although the story's core revolves around sex, it is not a sexually explicit tale and would suit a New Adult audience.

*Just for fun, the cover shared here is an early version.

Thanks Book Goodies and Wanton Reads!

You know what an introvert I am. That's why I am so very grateful to lovely people like the ones who run Book Goodies and Wanton Reads for making interviews and marketing so fun.

Book Goodies Feature on Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, Book One

Wanton Reads Interview With Zander Vyne

Book Reviews by Joyce Loves Immoral!

Joyce is an avid reader. She has over 2,000 books on her kindle and has read most of them! One of the things I love most about the indie author world is meeting people like her who love books as much as I do. She's on Facebook and posts insightful and thorough reviews of books she likes on her blog too. I'm honored she picked my book to feature. If you're like me, and you love to read, check out her reviews. You'll be glad you did.

Here's some of what she had to say about Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter -

"I truly enjoyed this story. I always enjoy coming across a book where the author has provided a twist on an old favorite. Zander Vyne has done just that. She has taken the old pairing of vampires and those who hunt them and put her own unique twist on everything. There's something so desirable about the vampire hunter that vampires can't resist. At least there is if the hunter keeps their mind shielded so vampires don't know that hot date isn't about to be their last one.

Got a stake? Prop open a window with it. Vyne's vampires are taken down with a kiss and sex. In this first book of a new series, it's as fast paced and full of action as you could want. Someone played with nature and didn't like the results. And now that the end results have come together, everyone has them in their sights."

Read her full review here.

And, just for fun, the picture above is another I used for Oliver Ripley inspiration. I went through a Spartacus phase last year, and Ganicus was my favorite character. Something about his smile, and his wounded heart just worked for me.

Clue Review Gives Immoral: Tales of a Vampire an "A"

Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, Book One
Clue Review says, "A Romeo and Juliet type story where star crossed lovers are forbidden to be together. Being in love is hard enough, but if even just a kiss could cause the death of your lover, it's especially hard. The more time they spend together the harder it gets to keeps their hands off each other, causing them to consider tempting fate. To complicate matters, they are being hunted by vampires hunters AND vampires."

The handsome fellow on the left is one of the pictures I kept on my computer for inspiration as I wrote Oliver Ripley's scenes. Though perhaps more Victorian than reality, there was something that spoke to me in this man's face . . . his lips, his eyes . . . that spoke of Oliver's vulnerability when we first meet him.

In writing the Tales of a Vampire series, it was important to me to introduce readers to Oliver before he becomes the man he will be by Book Three. I wanted you to get to know him as he's just starting out, a young, unsure vampire hunter full of hope for his future. So many books start with the hero fully formed, jaded, and hard, hurt by the world or people in it, and we only know why through his thoughts about the past. I'm almost finished writing Book Two, and Oliver tells me he appreciates that I am taking my time with his story. I hope you fall in love with him the way I have. 

A Huge "Thank You" to Readers who Helped Shape IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter

IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter by Zander VyneI'm wrapping up my first self-published book this weekend, handling the business end of things. It's been a long journey that all started here, with a short story called VACANCY, that I posted on my blog. As I tend to do, I finished the story with an ending that, while complete, still left something to reader's imaginations. And, boy did they imagine. I received so many emails from people wanting to know what happened to my vampire hunter, Oliver Ripley, that I decided to continue his story.

I could have just written IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter using my usual process, but I thought it would be fun to bring readers into the crafting of the story. I vowed to sit down, write a chapter each week (right here in Blogger's post composition mode) and post it without editing. I never knew from one part to the next where the story would go. Writing this way felt dangerous, scary, and exhilarating. It freed me from the constraints of my process, opened up new paths in my imagination and, sometimes, it put me into corners I thought I'd never be able to escape. I'd say something in one part, and realize I was stuck with it because of my promise not to edit. When my characters ended up on a plane to Paris, I realized there would be French that I do not speak. When I came up with a major plot point, I had to find a way to explain it, and tie up all the loose ends without going back and changing anything that would help make sense of it all.

There were times when I wanted to bang my head on my desk. Times I thought I'd never be able to make this work. But I did and, in the process, I learned to believe in myself as a writer capable of writing complete novels, not just short stories. I also fell in love with my readers, who cared about Oliver Ripley as much as I did. I listened to them, and used many of their ideas to complete IMMORAL.

I've taken down all of the old Oliver Ripley posts, and edited and made additions and changes to the new book (finally!), but I thought it would be fun to share just a few comments readers made along the way. As I get ready to launch IMMORAL into the world, I want to offer special thanks to everyone who helped shape the story with their feedback. I really couldn't have done it without you (especially the commenters below). If any of you would like a free copy of the completed book, please contact me.

IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, Book One

Wow! I love this! Your writing is just wonderful on this - great  imagery, lovely rhythm, and a sense of looming disaster!Yummy! on Oliver Ripley - Part Two ~ Remittance Girl

Well, fiddle. *laughs* I'm frustrated that Jonathan showed up. Looking forward to the next piece.  on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Three ~ Elspeth are mean, mean...MEAN! Write more...soon...please? on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Three jen

Look. I need a happy ending. Just saying. on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Four  ~ Elspeth

Oh, I am liking this new direction! I saw you added "erotic romance" as a label, and I really hope that means Oliver and Miranda are going to end up together. I am DYING to know (SPOILER) and figure we're in for a wild ride ahead (with everybody being happy in the end, though...ok?) on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Four ~ Jen

Zander, while initially intrigued by Oliver, I must admit an exponentially increased interest as his story continues to unfold.Not only do you lure with Oliver's mysteries and varying dimensions, you also tantalize with new discoveries (not only of Oliver, but of his creator as well!).Oliver's newfound affinity in the BDSM environment is compelling. One looks forward to delving into his further adventures, and revelations of other personalities as well. on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Three ~ beaucoup de noms

You left me breathless again. Each chapter is like another loop around me of a long, hard, chain... a cold chain that leaves me hotter and hotter. The blood has left my brain, and I no longer can think about how good your writing is. on Oliver Ripley, Vampire Killer - Part Three ~ oatmeal girl

I have been meaning to sit down and read this series and last night I stayed up and read the whole lot to the point of my eyelids closing via lack of sleep, but I could NOT stop reading. What a brilliant story and I love the fact you started this with just one line and have let it evolve. I often write this way and part of the fun is discovering where it takes you as you write. I look forward to more. Enthralling. on Oliver Ripley - Part Ten vanimp

Sneak Peek at IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter #1

IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter by Zander Vyne
See why Flashbot named Oliver and Miranda one of the "World's Sexiest Couples".

Paris, France

 From Chapter 9

“Where are we going?”

“It's a surprise. You’re going to love it. Promise,” Miranda said.

Looking at her sparkling eyes and happy smile, Oliver relaxed. Whatever came, at least they would have this night and, for the time being, she seemed to be as caught up in the moment as he was. They were good together.

Aboard the crowded train, they found no seats. There were poles to hang onto. She slid her hands up the cold metal like a stripper, intentionally baiting him. It felt dangerous. It felt naughty. Her ass pressed into the pole, her back arched, her fingers gripped over her head. She felt many eyes devouring her, and she shivered.

Read more »

Mitzi Szereto Says I'm Original and Literary

Zander Vyne Media
In the "better late than never" category, here's a lovely mention in Mslexia (a UK magazine for writers). If you're blind without glasses, like I am, click on the picture for a larger view.

Sneak Peek: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors, written by Zander Vyne and first published by Erotiqué Press, is a short story in the great tradition of the golden era of erotic writing: the era of Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller. It is a piece that is at the same time pastiche and homage.

Smoke and Mirrors is a story of passionate self-deception and nostalgia for something that never was.    Christian, a young student in New York, meets and is pulled like a satellite into the gravitational field of the older and very eccentric Monique. In a small apartment on the lower West Side, the mysterious and sexually insatiable Monique has fabricated the myth of a Montmartre garret with Gauloises cigarettes and Edith Piaf records. She pulls him into her nostalgic bower, regardless of the fact that the original has never existed. Christian eagerly plays the American in Paris to Monique’s Irma La Douce. He is utterly transfixed by her body, her hungers, her accent and her menagerie of manufactured memories.

This is a story about perfect sexual love and how, although never real, it is no less alluring or arousing for being a mirage. The memory of his time with Monique is perfect precisely because it is not reality. She has left him a gift that few women are willing to give: the remembrance of a flawless love.

Vyne’s artful use of imagery and careful language are what pulls the reader, like Christian, so quickly and completely into Monique’s Parisian fantasy. Smoke and Mirrors is a story within a story within a story, and Vyne gives the reader enough credit to ask the question of how aware each character is of the fictionality of what they are creating together in the act of playing out this fantastical love. ~ Remittance Girl

Reading this review now (it was first published in 2009 on Remittance Girl's website), I'm still as thrilled as I would be if Stephen King or my new favorite writer, Hugh Howey, wrote a review on one of my stories. I have a bit of a crush on Remittance Girl, and count myself as one of her first, and most rabid fans. If you haven't read her work, you're really missing something special; she writes real erotica that manages to be literary, thought-provoking and sexy all at the same time.


Coffee Time Romance Gives Red Velvet and Absinthe Four Cups!

Here's what they say about my story - La Belle Mort -

Her honor means more than her life and for this Lady Eliza Morton will hang.

He cannot bear to see her suffer, but can he convince her to believe?

How he came to be in her cell, Eliza does not know, but every moment in his presence is a blessing and a curse. She has no future, but she wants more than anything to believe.

The sadness of Eliza’s situation is crushing and the hope for her rescue is all encompassing.

Even Someone who Doesn't Like Anthologies Loves Red Velvet and Absinthe

"A few of my favorite stories were "Snowlight, Moonlight" by Rose De Fer, "The Blood Moon Kiss" by Mitzi Szereto, "La Belle Mort" by Zander Vyne and "Tea for Two" by Claire Buckingham."  Read Cherise Everhard's full review here.

Romancing the Book Red Velvet Review

Here's yet another great review for Red Velvet and Absinthe from Romancing the Book, highlighting my story, La Belle Mort -

"The two stories that just completely rocked my world were: The Blood Moon Kiss and La Belle Mort. The Blood Moon Kiss finds us on the set of a popular “Vampire” show. The amount of heat that oozed off the pages of this story should have melted my Nook, I’m so glad it didn’t. However, La Belle Mort, a story that finds us in a cell with a young lady awaiting punishment (hanging) for something she didn’t do . . well, this story was one that I had to set my Nook down after reading. I needed a moment to just let the story sink in.

Favorite Quote: “In fear can be found pleasure, just as in darkness can be found light.” from La Belle Mort

Jane Austen Prequels and Sequels also wrote a lovely review.

Reading these reviews was a lovely way to start my week!

Haven't bought the book yet? You can enter to win a free copy At the Book Rat (they love it too!) or you can just BUY IT NOW.

More Love for Red Velvet and Absinthe

I still feel giddy reading reviews like this - "Several of the stories are wonderful because of the language. They are beautifully written, poignant and touching. I particularly liked La Belle Mort (my story!), The Persistence of Memory and The Blood Moon Kiss. There are others that are good, but these three stand out, and almost make the entire book worthwhile."

To read the complete review, visit Daemon's Books.

If you haven't already ordered your copy of Red Velvet and Absinthe, what are you waiting for?


What Book is That?

Reading the great reviews for La Belle Mort has been such a pleasure (I'll tell you more about that in a minute). Here's another one posted today -

From the wonderful blog, What Book is That...Probably the biggest standout for me was "La Belle Mort" by Zander Vyne, where a noblewoman sentenced to hang for theft meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her to have faith in the most unorthodox of ways and then ends on the biggest cliffhanger.  It's like Choose Your Own Adventure taken to the extreme.

For a long time, I belonged to a writer's group. Every now and then, I'd post a story only to have someone rip it to shreds - telling me all the reasons it would never sell, was offensive, or just plain wrong. Today, as I sip a glass of wine (red, of course!), and read more reviews by readers who really love what I created, I'm glad I persisted. I'm proud I stuck to my convictions and didn't give up on stories like this one. I can also share with you that I've sold every story someone in that writer's group ever told me wasn't good enough. I guess I really should say thank you to them too! Maybe having something to fight for gave my words more bite.

I am grateful for readers who like it dark, just the way I do, and for editors like Mitzi Szereto who had the vision to give a home to the wonderful, eclectic and literary stories in Red Velvet And Absinthe. Thank you.

More Great Reviews for La Belle Mort

Vampirique Dezire of Blood, Lust and Erotica gives Red Velvet and Absinthe 4 stars!

Here's what she had to say about my story, La Belle Mort What an outstanding story. Was not prepared for the twist at the end and I found I could not take my eyes off the page. The pace of the story was well set. It was as if the author was purposely writing the words in the same vein as one would make love, slowly at first then with increasing passion until the final destination is reached and released. Well worth the read!

“Red Velvet and Absinthe” Book Review

It's always nice to read reviews of my stories.  It's even better when the author knows the genre, publishers and editors as well as this one does, and offers an insightful opinion.

It doesn't hurt either when my story is one of their favorites!

Read the latest rave review of this book here -
“Red Velvet and Absinthe” Erotic Book Review


They Like me!

I had forgotten how much I love compilations and this one was no exception. Each short erotic tale will take you by the hand and lead you dreamily down the primrose path and the beauty of the journey is never knowing if you will come back alive.

I highly recommend this book to readers that revel in the lush prose of gothic and erotic romance and to those adventurous souls that enjoy a bittersweet story that doesn’t always end the way you would expect.

A few of my very favorites include Snowlight, Moonlight by Rose de Fer, La Belle Mort by Zander Vyne and The Persistence of Memory by Evan Mora. Erotic, chilling and heartbreaking. How can you resist?


Red Velvet and Absinthe Pre-release Reviews

It's always nice to have good reviews, and these are great!

“Scintillating and suspenseful, this homage to Gothic fiction is a winner! Red Velvet and Absinthe scores with both sexy and scary thrills.”
—Caridad Piñeiro, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost

“Scorching hot and deliciously sinful, Mitzi Szereto’s collection of stories of dark and preternatural hungers will have you panting for more.”
—Adrian Phoenix, critically acclaimed author of The Maker’s Song series

“Run a hot bath, pour a glass of red wine, and slip into this enticing collection of sexy tales.”
—Dianne Sylvan, author of the Shadow World novels

Pre-order Red Velvet and Absinthe NOW