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$1.99 Deal on Collected Authors EBook

Get lost in these sensual tales that combine gritty fantasy with lustful seduction. A must-read erotica collection that will take you to dark, disturbing, and sexy places.
Featuring my edgiest story (and personal favorite), Red House, about a priest and a vampire with a shared past.
Limited time. Grab your copy today.
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Sexy new Cover for "Amaranthine Rain"

Amaranthine Rain by Zander Vyne a short story collection
So Amaranthine Rain (a short-story collection) is #69 today on Amazon (in paid literary short fiction . . . huzzah!), and my Facebook page is once again gaining followers (4,699 as of today). 
Coincidence? Considering the majority of the stories in the collection are erotic horror, I think not. 69. 69. 69. 
Maybe today is the day I will sell 69 copies in one day. Or, better yet, 666 copies ;>) (Universal linky-link for Amazon) (Barnes and Noble link)

Amaranthine Rain has Been Released!

In eighteen new and previously published short stories, Zander Vyne twists the formulas—finishing dangerously kinky sex with unexpected happy endings, abandoning distressed damsels in knight-in-shining-armor tales to their own devices, and leading readers down unexpected paths, where chaos hovers just under the surface of normality. 

Featuring characters that traverse the edges of sexuality, seemingly mild plots that sink into deep horror, passions that lead from commuter trains to vampire lairs, dragon caves to hotel bars, book stores to fortuneteller’s tents, each setting is as distinct as the people we meet inside. Whether we are voyeurs with an all access pass, inside the twisted brain of a cold killer, or a broken woman finding new strength, each story extends the limits of erotic fiction. 

Choices are made with irrevocable and surprising consequences. Disaster is courted or barely skirted. Amoral protagonists and antagonists swap roles, then fluidly swap back. The lush layering that gives Zander Vyne's work such a strong sense of life is particularly apparent in the title story, which opens with a man waking in a lush garden, vines gripping him in possessive caresses. Flashing before his eyes is a storm of memories of his wife and his life, intertwined with love, sins, regrets, death and eventually redemption. Or . . . not. 

These stories are freaks, much like the characters who inhabit them are misfits. They purposefully leave us with unanswered questions. Some of these stories are held together with a stone foundation of love. Others have had love—and any notions of happily ever after—surgically excised, leaving the reader raw and excited, if not aroused.

Amaranthine Rain an Anthology by Zander Vyne - Cover Reveal

Amaranthine Rain and Anthology by Zander Vyne

In eighteen new and previously published short stories, Zander Vyne twists the formulas—finishing dangerously kinky sex with unexpected happy endings, abandoning damsels in distress to their own devices, leading readers through twisted labyrinths where chaos hovers under the surface of normality. Featuring characters that traverse the edges of sexuality, in humorous or darkly erotic settings, from noir to horror, each story extends the limits of erotic fiction.

New Short Story Collection Coming Soon

Amaranthine Rain
by Zander Vyne

Featuring award-winning stories and reader favorites, this new collection published by Burning Book Press should be available soon.

Burning Book Press aspires to offer ebook readers fine literature - the exceptional quality that has long defined literary fiction - across multiple genres, including Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Mystery, Horror , Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I'm thrilled to be with them and in the company of some of my favorite literary erotica writers like Remittance Girl and Nikki Magennis.

Amaranthine Rain: Erotica by Zander Vyne

Featuring award-winning stories, poems, and flash fiction, including Amethyst's FeatherSmoke and MirrorsThe House Across the StreetPearls for Christmas, La Belle Mort and many, many more.

I could not be happier to have the rights back to my collection of short fiction, flash fiction, and poetry. Complete with the title I wished it had the first time around, and a lovely new cover, it will be available soon wherever books are sold.

WEATHER GIRL & Other Kinky Stories

WEATHER GIRL & Other Kinky Stories by Zander Vyne is out!

Featuring the award-winning title story, and more than two dozen others, including Amethyst's Feather, Tourist Trap, Parting Gifts, Smoke and Mirrors, The House Across the Street, Eden, Pearls for Christmas, and many, many more tales of sexual storms, blazing heat, and frigid hearts.

Here's the buzz - Zander Vyne’s erotic short stories have been published, frequently under pseudonyms, in anthologies, magazines, and on the web. Zander's short fiction has appeared in anthologies like Garden of The Perverse: Fairy Tales For Twisted Adults, and Cream: The Best of The Erotica Readers And Writers Association, and in issues of the fabled Red Scream. Zander is a reclusive figure who has been called "a mysterious, sexy enigma with a wicked imagination" and has developed a following of readers who enjoy intelligent, literary prose.

M. Christian says, "You are definitely in for a treat. Prepare to walk a long road of emotion, in the hot sun of brilliant sensuality. A good time – a wonderful time – is guaranteed for all. And this collection contains his award winning story, Weather Girl. Which is another good reason to own it.

Available soon everywhere.  BUY IT HERE FIRST

The Hothouse

I was gardening this morning.

I love spending time with my hands in the dirt, watching things grow. It's worth the labor and sweat involved. As I was weeding, I was thinking of the writing project I am working on with Remittance Girl. I don't want to give too much away, but it's botanical in nature (sort of). I'm enjoying the give and take involved in writing with a partner, learning to give up a bit of ego, and appreciate what the process is teaching me. The hardest part so far has been waiting for my "turn". So, today, I decided to work on a little something of my own and dug this out of the soil of imagination. To make it more fun, I set it in a summery greenhouse and gave myself an exact 1,000 word count to work with. It's probably more porno than erotica, but I hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment to let me know.